You know, we always wanted to know what color are best for our skin, eyes, and what have you. We could spend hours flipping magazines and youtube to get the look we want but couldn't pull it off. With Mary Kay, we can help you. Want to know what makeup color work best for your look? Check out below. 

Mary Kay products have wonderful quality and it changes my skin so much. Normally, I would have oily skin but after trying out my Miracle Set routines, face primer, eye primer, and my matte foundation. My skin never felt great and I hardly feel cakey, oily, and all that grime feel after hours. My face stay hydrated, matte, and best of all, feeling great.

Did you know that Mary Kay Foundation has help so many people from around the world? I know I didn't and I am proud to be part of Mary Kay IBC because my mission is Mary Kay's mission. To enrich women's lives and to help those that need our help.

My favorite Mary Kay's Quotes that will help us in our time of need when it comes to dealing with either business and life. Her golden rules are God/Faith first, Family second and Career third. She had live by this golden rules to get where she want to be. 

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Hello, my name is Veronica Mercado and I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Please click either site that works best for you: